Course Site Enrollment Tool in Brightspace


New to the My Dashboard widget is the ability to enroll other users into your Brightspace course sites. You can use this function to add users with existing Brightspace accounts to your site with special permissions depending on your needs.

This page will review:

Your Responsibility

By enrolling someone into your course site, you are exposing your personal information and the personal information of your students to a third party. You are also providing access to your teaching materials and potentially academic submissions of students. It is important that you understand the risks before enrolling someone into your course site and ensure they are aware of their responsibilities with regards to your teaching materials and protecting student information. You can learn more about privacy policies and procedures from the university’s policy website. If you become aware of a privacy concern or privacy breach, it is your responsibility to report this to CITL and/or the Memorial Privacy Office.

Use Cases

Below are some use cases for adding external users into your course site and the best approach for getting them addressed.

Adding a TA: If you have a teaching assistant assigned to help you with your course, you can add them to your site yourself using this tool. Just select which TA role you would like to use, and follow the directions below.

Adding a student auditor: If you are allowing a student to participate in your course, but they will not be receiving credit, you can add those students yourself. Just follow the directions below and select the Student Auditor role. This will provide student permissions to your course, but exclude the student from grading.

If you need to add a student to your course for the purpose of grading, the student must complete the add a course process from the Registrar’s Office and the student will be added in the automatic update from Banner. If you need student access sooner, or have another student use case, please reach out to the CITL Support Centre to discuss.

Giving a student extended access to your course: If you have approved a student to write a deferred exam, you can give that particular student extended access to your course material. Follow the directions below and select the Student Deferred role. This role bypasses normal end date restrictions on course sites, but otherwise is identical to a student role.

Sharing content with other instructors: If you wish to share content with other instructors, do not use this process. Using this process to share content gives other instructors access to student information and academic submissions which is not required for the purpose of sharing content. If you need to share content with another account within Brightspace, reach out to the CITL Support Centre to discuss your options. There are a number of ways to accomplish this goal.

Team teaching, or adding additional instructors: This process cannot be used to add other instructors into your course site. Instructor level enrollments are automatically assigned based on instructor enrollments within Banner. Reach out to your academic support staff and request that the other instructor be added to Banner. If that isn’t possible, or if you are collaborating with an instructor external to Memorial, reach out to the CITL Support Centre with the details of your request, and in most cases can be fulfilled immediately.

Adding individuals external to Memorial: If you are trying to add individuals external to Memorial to your course site for any reason, you cannot use this process to add them as they will not have a Brightspace account. Please reach out to the CITL Support Centre with the details and we will create accounts and complete the enrollment for you.

Role Information

You can enroll users into a number of roles within Brightspace which limit what activities they can do within your course site. The available roles are listed below:

  • Student Auditor
    • The student auditor role has the same permissions as a student role, but cannot be assigned grades for assessments and does not appear in the gradebook.
    • Appears on the student tab in the classlist tool.
  • Student Deferred
    • The student deferred role has the same permissions as a student role, except it allows students continual access to your course site after the end date of the course.
    • This role only appears during a semester after classes have ended for all courses and before the exam period begins.
    • Appears on the student tab in the classlist tool.
  • TA
    • The TA role gives the user instructor like access to some areas of your course site. TAs are able to assist in grading assessments, participating in discussions and viewing content.
    • The TA role is limited in that it behaves like an instructor in some tools and like a student in others. You can view a complete list of what each role can on our role information page.
    • Appears on the TA tab in the classlist tool.
  • Enhanced TA
    • The Enhanced TA is identical to the Instructor role in a course site and provides access to all tools and information contained within the site.
    • Appears on the TA tab in the classlist tool.

How to Enroll an Account

Before you can enroll a user, you will need to know three things:

  1. What is their Brightspace username?
  2. What course are you going to enroll them into?
  3. What role are you going to use?

Once you have that information, you can follow the instructions below to add someone to your Brightspace course site.

  1. From within the My Dashboard widget, click the Instructors tile
  2. Then click Course Site Enrollment Tool
  3. Read the Your Responsibility and the introduction.
  4. Enter the MUN Login ID or Brightspace username of the user into the Username field
  5. Select the course you would like to enroll into from the dropdown box.
  6. Select the role you would like to enroll the user as
  7. Click Submit to complete the enrollment
  8. You will be prompted with a summary of the enrollment you are completing. This will give you an opportunity to review before confirming the enrollment.

How to Undo an Enrollment

If you wish to undo an enrollment, and remove a user from your course site, you can follow these steps.

  1. Click the Show History button within the Course Site Enrollment Tool.
  2. A list of recent enrollments that you have completed through this tool will open up.
  3. Click the Undo button next to the enrollment you would like to undo.
  4. A confirmation box will appear to confirm the unenrollment.

Additional Help Information


In order to enroll someone into your course site, you will require their Brightspace username. This is most often someone’s MUN Login ID. The easiest way to collect this information is to ask the user the username they use to log into Brightspace. It is important to note that the username is not always the same as the front of the email address. Individuals can set up aliases for their true email address, and these will not work in the enrollment application.

Course List

This dropdown shows the list of courses where you are an instructor. You can only enroll other accounts into courses where you are an instructor. Within the My Dashboard widget, you will only see courses from Fall 2019 onwards and (under certain conditions) the upcoming semester courses grouped into semesters.

If you need to enroll a user into an older course, you can launch the full Instructor Tools application by clicking the arrow cross icon in the top right of the title bar. This page may take a few seconds to load, but will show you all of your courses.


This dropdown allows you to select the role of the user in your course. A brief description is given in the dropdown box, and a full description is available on this section of the page.

You cannot use this application to override any roles that are automatically assigned from Banner (students or instructors).