Which Tool Should I Use?

Choosing the Proper Tool

Communicating with your students, whether online or in-class, is an essential aspect of a course. Given the nature of an online-course, establishing your instructor presence is crucial.

The following guide will help you choose which tool to use. We have included a chart that identifies the tools that align with common scenarios, and a link to further info for each tool.

ScenarioSuggested Brightspace Tool
Increase collaboration between students by using the tools available in Brightspace and help create a community of learners, which will provide better opportunities for learning.
  • Increase engagement
  • Build community
  • Share and learn
  • Virtual office hours

Disseminate Information
Giving learners timely information is critical to keep them on track and increases success rates. Use Brightspace (D2L) to keep students informed of important dates and events, and to provide access to reference tools.
  • Distribute news and time-sensitive information
  • Keep students on task
  • Help students schedule

Use Brightspace to encourage student reflection on topics covered.
  • Provide reflection opportunities

Use Brightspace to conduct virtual office hours and maintain an online presence. This will increase your chances of reaching students having issues. You can also use the analytics in Brightspace to monitor student progress and provide appropriate interventions and support.
  • Virtual office hours
  • One-on-one tutorials

Fostering a connection with your students is especially important in an online environment. Use Brightspace (D2L) to build instructor presence, and facilitate online discussion and debate.
  • Create instructor presence
  • Build sense of community
  • Engage learners