Grades2Banner Interface


Grades2Banner is a tool you can use to transfer your grades directly from the Brightspace gradebook into Banner.  The Grades2Banner (G2B) tool is accessible on each Course Home page, in the navigation bar right above the My Courses images and in the new CITL Dashboard in Brightspace. You can also directly access it in Instructor Tools.

If you have trouble accessing the G2B tool please contact the Support Centre.

Note: The G2B tool will only transfer grades from the Adjusted Final Grades column of the grade book in Brightspace.  You can also transfer special grading codes (PAS/FAL/ABS/INC).  If you need to do this, please visit our resource on how to configure these codes.

If you are not signed into MUN Login you will be asked to log in prior to accessing the tool.

The Interface

The numbers circled in blue correspond to the features listed below.

  1. Grades2Banner – The tool itself.  It is a dropdown menu displaying the current and previous semesters if you were teaching at that time.
  2. Support – A link to the CITL Support Centre.
  3. Welcome identifier – Identifies the user that has signed in to this tool.
  4. Logout – This will log you out of all services.
  5. Semester – Displays the semester you are currently viewing
  6. Course Name – Lists courses in alphabetical order by open transfer status.
  7. Transfer Status – Indicates the grade transfer status of the course.
  8. Transfer Message – Provides more information regarding a transfer.
  9. Transfer Deadline – Displays the deadline to have grades transferred to banner.
  10. Actions – Displays the action available.