Other Educational Technology Tools

Which Tools Should I Use?

With so many options of educational technology tools and applications that can enhance instruction, how do you choose the one that will be the best fit for your course? Here at CITL, this is the type of question we can help you answer.

Consider the following questions:

  • Will the tool/app enhance my instruction and motivate learners?
  • Am I just incorporating technology for the sake of incorporating technology?
  • How does this tool/app help my students meet the stated objectives/outcomes?
  • Will the tool/app encourage students to apply the content and learn the material, construct knowledge and/or promote critical thinking?
  • Is the tool/app easy to learn?
  • Have I included good instructions for the students to use the tool/app?

If you’ve answered those questions in the affirmative, you are ready to incorporate the tool/app. If not, get in touch, and we can talk about it!

Some of the tools we provide support for are in the menu to your left.