What are Clickers?

Student response systems (SRS), or “clickers”, can be a great addition to your teaching practice. Clickers are wireless devices used to conduct student participation activities in the classroom. They can be used to measure understanding, ask questions, provide feedback and promote engagement with the material. When wireless in the classroom has been tested to be reliable clickers can also be used to do assessments and take attendance. When you plan to use a this technology, please get in touch well in advance.

How it Works

During a class, the instructor poses questions and students respond by entering their answer on their clicker or mobile device. The device sends the answers back to the classroom computer and compiles them into a chart. This chart can be instantly displayed on screen, along with the correct answer choice. This provides both student and instructor with valuable real time feedback.

We invite you to browse our clicker resources here on this site. The best way to get familiar with the technology is to create an account and try it out. When you are ready to get started with using clickers please don’t hesitate to contact CITL for a hands on demonstration and or some advice on making your choice.