Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is a technology designed to record lectures as they happen in the classroom. Lecture Capture records a small video image of the instructor, the instructor’s voice, and all information projected through the data projector. Links to recordings created using Lecture Capture automatically show up in your Brightspace course site.

If you wish to avail of Lecture Capture for your course, you must be assigned to teach in a room that is equipped with the technology. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a list of Lecture Capture enabled classrooms.

Things to Note About Lecture Capture

  • Lecture Capture creates a live recording of the events in a particular course.
  • A recording created for one section/course should not be used in other sections/courses as the context may be lost for the students who were not in the course in which the recording was made.
  • Recordings are published to Brightspace ONE DAY AFTER they are created. We advise that instructors inform students of this delay through the course syllabus or through communication tools in Brightspace (e.g. an announcement).
  • Recordings are deleted one month after the course has ended.
  • For a list of tips on using Lecture Capture, click here or watch this short demonstration of the Lecture Capture System:

Instructor Obligations When Using Lecture Capture

  1. You must notify your students that you are planning to record a lecture/lectures in your course. We ask that you include a notice to that effect in your course syllabus and/or in the Announcements section of your Brightspace course site. Here is a sample message you can post:

All classes for this course, unless otherwise notified, will be recorded. Comments and questions by those present in the class may be captured in the audio of the recording. Additionally, student presentations and participation may be captured on video. Questions or concerns about the use of Lecture Capture in this course should be directed to your instructor.

For your convenience CITL has prepared a sample PowerPoint slide with this notice, which you can download and use in your class presentations if you wish.

  1. If you schedule a Lecture Capture recording on a date when students or guest speakers are presenting, you must inform them that the presentation is being recorded.

Lecture Capture Enabled Classrooms

St. John’s Campus
  • A-1043
  • A-1046
  • BN-2028
  • BN-3007
  • BN-4031
  • C-2004
  • ED-1014
  • ED-1020
  • ED-2018B
  • EN-2006
  • EN-2040
  • EN-2043
  • EN-2048
  • IIC-2001
  • J-2008
  • J-3004
  • J-3008
  • PE-2001
  • SN-2109
  • HSC-2956
Grenfell Campus
  • AS-325
  • AS-378
  • AS-2026
  • WHM-340

Any questions about your recordings or scheduling can be directed to CITL’s Client Support Team.