Video Assignments

Being able to communicate ideas, present well, and collaborate with others is critical for being industrious in today’s workplace. These soft skills are not just important to master in the classroom – they are indispensable for students’ future success. Communication, critical thinking, and collaboration are crucial competencies students must have in any discipline they choose to pursue. With this in mind, Brightspace has partnered with Bongo to provide an integrated video assessment tool.

You can use it to deliver structured, video-based assessments that evaluate learners on speeches, presentations, and more. You can now create authentic assessments right in your Brightspace course. You can use it to facilitate skills development and help learners practice and develop their communication skills, presentation style, critical thinking, and other soft skills. PLUS, instructors can easily grade video assessments and add time-stamped feedback, showing learners exactly where they need to improve.

Sample Uses

  • An oral assignment: ask students to record themselves discussing a topic and/or sharing their opinion.
  • A language course: ask students to demonstrate and/or practice their vocabulary.
  • A case study: ask students to make a video using a “real world” example to demonstrate a concept learned in class.
  • A role play: ask students to write and record poetry or short stories that illustrate literary elements learned in an English class.
  • Lab work: ask students to display the results of a science lab project from beginning to end, from hypothesis to conclusion.

What is Bongo? from YouSeeU on Vimeo.

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