Types of Video Assignments

The video assignment tool allows instructors to create four different types of assessments.

1. Individual Project

In an individual project, learners record or upload a video of themselves presenting on a topic or demonstrating a specific skill. With the screenshare feature, they can also enhance their project with visual aids.

Sample Uses

An individual video project can be used to assess:

  • Presentations with or without visual aids (e.g. screen-sharing)
  • Explanations of theories/concepts/arguments
  • Demonstration of skills
  • Critiques (of an article/movie/book etc.)

2. Group Project

In a group video assignment, students work in groups toward a single presentation/video. Within their group, students can schedule and host their own Online Rooms meetings to collaborate on the assignment. The members’ individual contributions are then combined into a cohesive end product, which is submitted to the instructor in Brightspace.

Sample Uses

A group video project can be used to assess:

  • Group presentations
  • Role plays
  • Conversation scenarios in foreign language courses
  • Capstone projects

3. Question & Answer Assignment

In a question-and-answer video assignment, the student is presented with prompts (up to 20) and given a set amount of time to respond. Recording starts as soon as a prompt is presented, and the student only has one opportunity to answer each prompt, replicating the high-stakes environment of being asked questions in a face-to-face setting.

Sample Uses

A question & answer video project can be used for the following evaluation types:

  • Oral quizzes
  • Checking for understanding
  • Skill demonstrations
  • Mock interviews
  • Oral assessments in foreign language courses
  • Skills assessment for vocational training
  • Interview preparation

4. Interactive Video

In an interactive video assignment, learners watch a video recorded by the instructor video and respond to prompts at specific times in the video.

The prompts (maximum of 20) appear at various points in the recording, as determined by the instructor. These prompts ask students to either answer multiple choice questions or to give video responses. When prompted for a video response, the student records a video within the platform. They continue until they have both completed the prompts and watched the whole video. Progress is saved, so learners can complete the assignment in multiple sittings. When finished, the assignment is submitted automatically.

Sample Uses

An interactive video project can be used to assess:

  • Safety/compliance training
  • Checking for understanding
  • Video quizzes
  • Soft skills training

For more information on the four types of video assignments, please refer to this Bongo resource.