Grading and Feedback

Grading and Feedback

Once you’ve created your Video Assignment and student submissions have all been uploaded, you are ready to grade the video assignment and provide feedback to your students.


  • You may wish to use a rubric to grade your assignment, or to make available to peer reviewers to use as a guide. If you wish to use a rubric, the rubric must first be created in the Video Assignment tool. To create a rubric, go the the Rubrics tab in the Video Assignment tool. Here, you can either create a rubric right in the tool, or you can upload from a .csv file. Note that if you choose to upload from a .csv the file must be properly formatted for Bongo. Guides are provided when you select this option.

Grade Settings

There are several different grading options available when setting up your video assignment.

Grading Options
Grading Options
  • Percentage – Grade a submission between 0 – 100 percent.
  • Rubric – Select a rubric you’ve imported or created. You will then score the submissions by rubric category for a total score. The score you select will then be the score out of the total number of points allowed. When selecting Rubric, you will have the option to enable self-assessment and peer review with the same rubric.
    (See note on Rubrics above).
  • Pass/Fail – Grade submission as either 0% or 100%
  • Auto Pass – Automatically give learners a 100% when they submit an answer (for the Q&A activity). Learners who have not submitted will not have a score.
  • Five Star – Rate submissions with a 5-star rating scale. Each star is worth 20%. For example, if you select 4 stars, then the learner would get an 80%.

Grading the Video

When you’ve received your video assignment submissions from your learners, you can then assign a grade and provide feedback. To grade the submission, simply go to your assignment topic page and click Grade student submission, as seen below. Then, enter the grade in the Grade box and choose Save.

Grade student submission
Student submission area


Giving Feedback

  1. You may wish to record a video to use as feedback. Or, you can just type your feedback in the text box provided.
  2. To make a SyncComment, simply type your comment in the comment box at specific points in the video. The comment you typed will be time stamped to the point in the video where you made the comment.
  3. Save (in the Grade box)
Feedback options

Link Grade to your Brightspace Gradebook

To link your Video Assignment grade to your Brightspace (D2L) Gradebook, scroll down the page to Activity Details section. Then, choose the assessment item from the drop-down list, as indicated by the red arrow in the image below.

Note that you can not release feedback without a grade.

Link to an item in your grade book
Link to an item in your grade book

Reset a Learner’s Submission

To reset a learners submission, please go to this link