Video Assignment FAQs

Below you can find some frequently asked questions about the Video Assignment tool. Click each to view the answer.

> Where can students access resources on the Video Assignment tool?

Students can access our student resources site for this tool by clicking on the CITL Student resources site by following this link.

> What is Video Assignment?

It is a video assessment tool created by Bongo and integrated with Brightspace (D2L). Video Assignments give you the flexibility to incorporate new types of assessments into your courses, such as real-world simulations, role-play scenarios, debates, peer reviews, and other creative ways to evaluate your students. After an individual completes a video exercise, they submit their recording for personalized coaching and feedback from their instructor and peers.

> Why would I use the Video Assignment in my course?

You can use it to deliver structured, video-based assessments that evaluate learners on speeches, oral presentations, language skills, and more. Instructors can easily grade video assessments and add time-stamped feedback, showing learners exactly where they need to improve. Help learners demonstrate both their knowledge and their soft skills in an engaging, easy-to-use way.

> How long can a video be?

The maximum size of a student’s video submission is 20 gigabytes, which is equivalent to about 1.5 hours of high-quality video.

> What are the technical requirements for students?

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • A video recording device (either a webcam on a desktop computer, or simply the video recorder app on a tablet or smartphone)
  • An up-to-date internet browser (NOTE: Firefox and Chrome are recommended.)
  • Recommended but NOT required – A standard video-editing program like Microsoft Movie Maker or iMovie. These programs should be on your computer or they are easy to add.

NOTE: Students should record in medium to low quality settings. Recording high quality or high definition videos will only increase the size of the file and require further editing.

> Can I set up Video Assignments for groups?

Yes. You can randomly or manually group students for a video assignment.

> Can I set up peer review in a Video Assignment?

Yes, peer review is available. Additionally, there is an option for students to self-evaluate.

> Can I use a rubric to grade a Video Assignment?

Yes. You can create a rubric directly in the Video Assignment tool. You can import a rubric from a .csv spreadsheet file but it will need to be in the proper format. More information on how to create a rubric can be found on the ‘Grading and Feedback’ page in this resource.

> Can the Video Assignment grades be linked to my Brightspace grade book?

Yes. If you link the video assignment activity to the Brightspace grade book, student scores will be transferred automatically. For details on how to link the two, please refer to the ‘Grading and Feedback’ page in this resource.

For more information on the Video Assignment tool, please contact the CITL Support Centre.