Editing Your Video Assignment

Once you have created a video assignment project in your Brightspace course, you can make changes to it at any time. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to Brightspace and go to your course site. 
  • In the course navbar, select Course Content.
Video Assignment: Course Content
Image: Link to ‘Course Content’ in the navbar
  • Go to the content module where the video assignment is located, and click the title of the assignment.
Image: Video assignment in a course module
  • On the content page for the video assignment that opens, click the downward arrow next to the word ‘Overview‘.
Image: Video assignment menu bar
  • Click ‘Configure’ in the dropdown menu.
Image: Video assignment editing tool
  • The creation/editing page for the video assignment will open. Review and modify the settings.
Image: Video assignment editing page
  • Save your changes.
    Image: The ‘Save’ button

Editing Other Video Assignments

Once you open one video assignment, you can also access and configure other video assignments created in the course, including ones that have not been added to Course Content. To do so, click Assignments in the top menu bar.

Image: Link to all video assignments

A list of all video assignments will display. From this page, you can view, edit, copy, or delete any video assignment listed.

Image: Complete list of video assignments in a course