Attendance Tool FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Attendance Tool in Brightspace?

The Attendance tool enables you to create registers that track attendance for activities within your course. You can track attendance for any number of activities and customize your registers to suit your needs.

Why Would I use this Tool?

Use the Attendance tool to create sessions to track attendance and define attendance statuses for your activities. You can assign grades for user attendance, view attendance results, and track users that have poor attendance.

How Do I Track Attendance with this Tool?

  1. On the Attendance Data page, click the  Enter Attendance Data icon and enter attendance data for your sessions.
  2. Use the Attendance Status drop-down lists to change the attendance status for your users. You can also click Set Status to set the same status for all users.

What are Attendance Registers?

Attendance registers are entries that you create to track attendance for activities in your organization or course. For example, you can create attendance registers to track attendance for mandatory chat sessions, weekly seminars, or meetings.
Use registers to define the sessions, attendance expectations, and applicable users and enter data as you complete each session.
Click a register’s name to view or make changes to its attendance data.

What is the “Cause for Concern” Percentage?

The Cause for Concern metric helps you track learners that fail to meet your attendance requirements by placing the Cause for Concern icon beside their names on the Attendance Data page.

  1. From the Attendance Registers page, click New Register or Edit Register from the context menu of an existing attendance register.
  2. In the Cause for Concern field, enter a percentage that indicates your minimum attendance requirement. For example, 75%.
  3. Click Save.

How Do I Delete Attendance Sessions, Registers or Schemes?

Deleting a session clears all associated attendance data. Only delete sessions when you are confident that you no longer need the attendance data.

From the Attendance Registers page, do one of the following:

  • To delete sessions in a register or scheme, on the Edit Register page, click the Delete icon beside the applicable session. All attendance registers must have at least one session.
  • To delete a register or attendance scheme, from the context menu, click Delete.