The Quick Eval Tool

Quick Eval is an evaluation tool for faculty, specifically those who are teaching multiple courses using Brightspace. This tool is linked to your Brightspace account and compiles a list of all ungraded assessments across multiple courses, as long as the submission is made in Brightspace.


  • Prioritize what needs to be graded and easily identify what could be time-sensitive.
  • No need to go into multiple course sites to access various ungraded submissions.
  • Various sorting options including date, activity name and course.


  • Cannot bulk download from this tool should you choose to grade off-line.
  • Assessments set-up with video assignments using online rooms and group assignments will not appear in Quick Eval
  • All ungraded assessments remain in the Quick Eval list until a course is deactivated.


  • A pdf version of the submitted file is created if downloading directly from the Assignment grader (mark-up tool).
  • All assessments remain in the list until they are graded and feedback is published
  • Items that appear in the list as draft have been reviewed but not returned; this may be useful if you want to return all assignments at the same time.
  • Assessments set-up with auto-grading will not appear in Quick Eval.
  • If your Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes are set up to be evaluated anonymously with required user information privacy permissions, then submissions are listed anonymously in Quick Eval.