Content Tool FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Module?

You must create a module before you can add topics. A module is a title or category that is used to organize your content.

What is a Sub-Module?

Sub-Modules are simply modules nested within other modules. Similar to modules, they hold and organize topics.

What is a Topic?

A topic is the actual content item. Topics can be either created using the Brightspace HTML editor, or they can be files (PDF, .doc, .ppt, etc.) that you upload into Brightspace. You can also link to external websites or resources such as journals or videos.

Can I hide Modules and Topics in Brightspace?

Yes. Simply set the file to draft to hide it and published to make it visible to students.

Can I release content to students on specific dates?

Yes. You have the ability to choose the date and time that a module or topic will be released to your students. Keep in mind that if a topic or module is hidden you must remember to unhide them or students will not be able to see them on the start date.

Can I release content to specific individuals or groups?

Yes, you can use release conditions and the groups tool to allow the content to only be released an individual or group.

What is Completion Tracking?

Completion tracking enables instructors to set the method of completion for an activity and provides progress indicators for learners as they complete course activities. Completion Tracking is for the benefit of the learners only. There is no way for you to see what participants are doing with completion tracking, or if they are using it at all.

Where can I find more info on the Content Tool?

You can visit this link.