Publishing Quiz Grades

Publishing Quiz Grades and Exporting Them to the Grades Tool

Once you have graded the submissions for a quiz, you can publish the grades so that they are ready to be exported to the associated column in the Grade Book.

Steps to publish quiz grades to you Grade book:

  1. From the Assessment menu, select Quizzes.
  2. In the quiz tool, click the drop down arrow next to the assessment you want to grade and choose Grade
  3. Select all attempts that you want to publish
  4. Click Publish Feedback to publish all assigned grades for that assessment

Exporting Quiz Grades to the Grades Tool

If you checked Automatic Grade in your quiz settings, grades will be automatically sent to your Grade Book after they are published. If this setting was unchecked, click the “Export to Grades” button after you publish.

This short tutorial outlines how to Publish your Quiz Grades to Grade Book