Creating a Quiz in Brightspace


The quiz tool in Brightspace enables you to ask a variety of questions of learners. It is easy to setup, administer, and grade a quiz. Two options for creating a quiz are provided. For Option 1 you will start by creating a quiz and will add questions directly into the quiz. For Option 2 you will start by creating and organizing questions in the Question Library and, when you are creating the quiz, you will use questions from the Question Library. Option 2 is recommended as it provides better organization of questions.

Option 1: Create a Simple Quiz

Follow these steps to create and configure a quiz in your Brightspace course shell:


Only the critical properties are included in these steps. Please review the additional optional properties and configure as needed. Information is available via the ? icon next to the property.

  1. Click Assessment – Quizzes – New Quiz
  2. On the Properties tab, enter the *Name for the quiz and Add/Edit Questions (Note: add questions after you configure the quiz – see below)
  3. On the Restrictions tab, set the Availability and the Timing settings
    • If you uncheck “Hide quiz from users”, the quiz will be available to students based on the Availability settings
    • If you check “Hide quiz from users”, you will have to “Make visible to users” by using the dropdown arrow next to the quiz in the quiz list
  4. On the Assessment tab, connect the quiz results to your Brightspace Grade Book and set the number of Attempts Allowed and the Overall Grade Calculation. To associate a quiz with the Grade Book:
    • Check Automatic Grade – this must be turned on to allow grades to be automatically sent to the Grade Book
    • Under Grade Item, select the appropriate grade item. NOTE: It is a good idea to have your Grade Book created prior to creating the quiz
    • Option: Auto Export to Grades. The system will send auto-graded attempt scores directly to the Grade Book if a quiz is associated with a grade item. Use this option if you are using questions that the system can auto-grade. Great for practice quizzes!
  5. Click Save and Close

Adding questions to the quiz


The following steps are used for creating questions directly in a quiz. If you are creating questions in the Question Library, start with step 3.

To add new quiz question, use the following steps:

  1. Click the edit drop down arrow next to the quiz
  2. On the Properties tab, click Add/Edit Questions
  3. Click New and choose the question type that you want to create.
  4. Click Save and add another question to the list of questions or, click Save and New to create another question without returning to the question list
  5. When all of the questions are created, click done Editing Questions
  6. Click Save and Close

Create a New Quiz with New Questions

Create a New Quiz with Imported Questions

Associate a Quiz with a Grade Item

Option 2: Start With the Question Library

You can start compile questions at any time, even before you create a quiz! Use the Question Library to create questions and organize them based on topic or module, type of question, or difficulty. This will enable you to create a quiz by importing the questions from the library or by randomly selecting questions from a pool of questions.

  1. Click Assessments – Quizzes – Question Library
  2. Create a new section and create questions in the section (this is for organization purposes) or directly in the question library. Using sections (folders) is recommended.
  3. Click Done Answering Questions

Import questions into a quiz

With your questions created in the Question Library, you can import them into a quiz. Create your quiz using the steps in Option 1 above but when you are ready to Add/Edit Questions, follow these steps:

  1. Click Import – Browse Question Library
  2. The Question Library will open – select the questions you want for your quiz and click Save. Click Add
  3. Click Save
  4. Click Done Editing Questions

Populate a Quiz with Questions from Question Library

Add a random pool of questions to a quiz

To create a random pool of questions from the Question Library for your quiz, create your quiz using the steps in Option 1 above but when you are ready to Add/Edit Questions, follow these steps:

  1. Click New – Question Pool
  2. Enter a name for the Question Pool
  3. Enter the number of questions that you want for the quiz and the point value for each question
  4. Click Browse Question Library and select the folder or folders that contain the questions you want to use for the Quiz. Click Add
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Done Editing Questions


You can edit the quiz properties and add/edit questions any time. Simply click the arrow next to the quiz and select Edit.

Create a New Quiz with A Randomized Set of Questions

Question Types

Most questions such as True or False (T/F), Multiple Choice (MC), Multi-Select (M-S), Matching (MAT), and Ordering (ORD) have limited response options and are easily auto-graded. Written Response Questions (WR) are available but cannot be graded automatically.