CITL Sample Quiz

CITL has created a sample quiz that instructors can add to their course(s). The purpose of this quiz is to make sure that students can access and submit a quiz successfully PRIOR to doing an actual assessment in the Quizzes tool. If students have difficulty using the quiz tool, they should be directed to contact CITL Client Support so any issues can be resolved.

Download and Install

Download the CITL Sample Quiz. Once you have downloaded the .zip Quiz package onto your computer, add it to your course site.

  1. Once in your course, select Course Admin on the main navigation bar.
  2. Next, choose Import/Export/Copy Components.
  3. Select Import Components.
  4. Press Start.
  5. Select the “Sample” file that you downloaded previously.
  6. Choose Upload.
  7. Choose Import All Components and wait until it is imported.
  8. Once the package has been successfully imported, go to the Assessments tab in the course navigation bar and choose Quizzes.
  9. Your “Sample Quiz” is ready.