Question Types

There are 11 question types available in Brightspace quizzes (see chart below). Some questions are close-ended and others open-ended; there are also questions that use formulas and significant figures. For information on benefits and challenges of different types of questions, please visit this resource.

1.Multiple Choice (MC)7.Written Response (WR)
2.True or False (T/F)8.Short Answer (SA)
3.Fill-in-the-Blanks (FIB)9.Arithmetic (2+2)
4.Multi-Select (M-S)10.Significant Figures (x10)
5.Matching (MAT)11.Multi-Short Answer (MSA)
6. Ordering (ORD)

Where to Create Questions in the Quizzes Tool?

You can create questions in two places:

NOTE: Using the ‘Question Library’ to create quizzes is the recommended option as it allows for a better organization of questions.

Video Overview

Watch the video below for an overview of question types available in Brightspace quizzes.