Creating & Configuring a Quiz (classic interface)

Getting Started

To start creating a new quiz, navigate to the Quizzes tool in Brightspace.

  • Go to your course site and click Assessment in the navbar.
  • Select Quizzes from the dropdown menu.
  • On the next page, click ‘New Quiz’.
Image: Creating a new quiz

Configuring Quiz Settings

You need to configure various settings for each quiz you create in Brightspace. Those settings can be found under the five tabs on the quiz creation page. You can find details about options available under each tab by scrolling down this page.

Image: Tabs with options for quiz settings

NOTE: Once you configure and save your quiz, you can return to it and modify the settings at any time.

1. Properties tab

The information that must be entered under this tab includes:

  • the quiz name/title
  • quiz questions, which can be added by clicking Add/Edit Questions (you can do it now or any time after you configure the quiz settings).

Other, optional quiz properties that can also be set under this tab are:

  • Category: If your course involves multiple quizzes, you may consider organizing them into categories.
  • Description: You can include a description that students will see before they start the quiz.
  • Page Header and/or Footer: A message displayed at the top or bottom of each page of the quiz (e.g. “You will not be able to return to this page”)
  • Optional Advanced Properties: Select as needed.
  • Notification email: An option to receive an email each time a student completes a quiz (not recommended).

NOTE: Information about each optional quiz property is available by clicking the ‘?‘ icon next to it on the quiz creation page.

Once you start adding questions to you quiz, three additional options will appear under this tab (in the ‘Quiz Questions’ area):

  • Questions per page: Specify the number of question to place on each page of the quiz.
  • Paging: Selecting this option will prevent students from returning to previous pages in the quiz.
  • Shuffle questions at the quiz level: This setting randomizes the questions, so each student will have a different order of questions in their quiz.

When finished selecting settings in this tab, click Save at the bottom of the page.

2. Restrictions tab

The Restrictions tab contains the following settings:

  • ‘Hide quiz from users‘: This option is selected by default for every quiz. When this box is checked, information about the quiz does not appear in the course calendar, and the link to the quiz is not available to students. You will need to return to this page and unselect this option before the start of the quiz.
  • Due Date (and Time): Specify the date and time by which you expect the students to complete the quiz. This due date will be displayed in the course calendar in Brightspace. After the ‘Due Date’, students will still be able to access and complete the quiz, but their submissions will be flagged as late.
  • Availability:
    • Start Date (and Time): Specify when the ‘Start Quiz!’ button will become available to students; until then, students will not be able to access the quiz. This date will will be displayed in the course calendar.
    • End Date (and Time): Specify when the ‘Start Quiz!’ button will become unavailable to students. This date will will be displayed in the course calendar.

NOTE: The End Date (and Time) setting controls the availability of the ‘Start Quiz!’ button only. It is unrelated to the amount of time students have to complete the quiz. If a student starts the quiz one minute before the End Date/Time, they will still have the entire time allotted to the quiz to complete it.

  • Timing:
    • Select one of two available options: ‘Recommended Time Limit’ or ‘Enforced Time Limit’. For high stakes assessments, ‘Enforced Time Limit’ is recommended.
    • Enter the time limit for the quiz and an optional ‘Grace Period’.
    • When ‘Enforced Time Limit’ is selected, additional settings will appear:
      • ‘Allow the student to continue working’: Responses entered after the time limit will be submitted but will be flagged as late.
      • ‘Prevent the student from making further changes‘: Responses entered after the time limit expires will not be submitted.
      • ‘Allow the student to continue working, but automatically score the attempt as zero after an extended deadline’ [not recommended]

NOTE: Consider Due Date, Availability (Start and End), and Timing carefully. For example, if you want to set up a quiz for a 50-minute typical lecture period, you would choose:

Due Date: 2:50 PM – quizzes submitted after 2:50 PM will be flagged as late
Start Date: 2:00 PM – students can start the quiz at 2:00 or any time before 2:50
End Date: 2:20 PM – students can start the quiz up until 2:20 (the Start Quiz! button will be available until then)
Enforced time limit: 50 minutes with 0 minutes grace period

  • Special Access: Here you can adjust quiz settings for students with accommodation requests. See also Granting Special Access

When finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.

3. Assessment tab

NOTE: It is recommended that you set up your Brightspace grade book before you start creating quizzes.

The Assessment tab contains the following settings:

  • Automatically Publish Evaluation: If you connect the quiz to a grade item in the grade book (see Grade Item below), checking this box will allow students to see their quiz score immediately after they complete it (this applies only to the auto-graded portion of the quiz, not to questions that need to be graded manually such as ‘Written Response’).
  • Grade Item: This setting allows you to create a link between the quiz and a corresponding item in the Brightspace grade book. Creating this link will allow you to export quiz grades to the grade book.
  • Synchronize to Grade Book: Any changes or updates to the quiz score will be automatically updated in the grade book.
  • Student View Preview: You can customize how the grade is displayed to the students.
  • Attempts Allowed: The number of times students can take the quiz.
  • Retake Incorrect Questions Only: If more than one attempt at a quiz is allowed, you can choose to have students retake only questions they answered incorrectly.
  • Overall Grade Calculation: If more than one attempt at a quiz is allowed, you can determine how the score will be calculated.

When finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Video Instructions: Associate a Quiz with a Grade Item

4. Objectives tab (optional)

For information on creating learning objectives, please visit this Brightspace resource.

5. Submission Views tab (optional)

Under this tab, you can create a new submission view, i.e. the feedback students will receive when they complete the quiz. Some of the options you can customize are:

  • the date and time when students can view the quiz scores and feedback (e.g., you can restrict feedback from appearing until 24 hours after the quiz is complete)
  • whether students will be able to see only their score or also the correct and/or incorrect answers
  • whether to display the class average to students
  • and more…

When finished click Save and Close at the bottom of the page.