How Do I Create a Hyperlink in an HTML Page?

  1. While editing an HTML page, highlight the word that you would like to hyperlink. Click Insert Quicklink.
Screen shot of Brightspace editor with arrow pointing to the insert quicklink icon.
Insert quicklink
  1. In the Insert Quicklink window, scroll down and click URL.
  2. Enter the website URL, title (if different from what is selected), and select the target window. Click Insert when done.
    Note: To increase accessibility and minimize the chances of the students becoming “lost” in open browser tabs, it is recommended to only open links in new tabs or windows when necessary. In some cases, for example, students may need to reference an external page to complete a task, therefore opening the link in a new tab would be necessary. It is recommended that notice be given for links that open in new windows.
Insert quicklink window screenshot
Insert quicklink window
  1. Be sure to save your changes when finished by clicking Save or Save and Close at the bottom of the HTML editing window.