Navigating the Online Room

You’ll note that Online Rooms has a very clean, user-friendly interface which makes navigation quite painless. The diagram below shows the main screen of Online Rooms. Explanation is provided beneath the diagram in which red circled numbers correspond to the item numbers below.

  1. Whiteboard/ Presentation Space
  2. Slide Navigation
  3. Share Webcam
  4. Share Desktop (only works in Firefox browser)
  5. Drawing Tools – Tools will be available on the right when this icon is clicked
  6. Status – Use this to “Raise Hand”, “Applaud”, or show ‘emotions’ in icon-format
  7. Record – Manually record the session at any time using this button.
  8. Participants – Toggle view of meeting participants and chat
  9. Shared Video Toggle
  10. Actions – Options include: Mute All, Upload Presentation, Initiate Poll, Create Breakout Rooms