Main Features of Online Rooms

Online Rooms is a feature-rich, synchronous online meetings tool. Some of those features are listed below.

  • Maximum number of participants per session is 150
  • Maximum number of webcams shared simultaneously is 10
  • Includes Breakout Rooms, Chat (public and private), and Polling tools
  • Contains a whiteboard with annotation and drawing tools
  • File types that can be uploaded to and displayed on the whiteboard are PDF, Word and Powerpoint
  • Application and desktop sharing is available (NOTE: Desktop sharing is only available with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. For specifics on browser support, please click here.)
  • Instructor can give participants presenter status so they can upload files/share content
  • Participants can upload files or share links in the chat
  • Participants can use emoticons for status updates during session
  • If you choose to record your sessions, availability of recordings is unlimited
  • Session recordings can be embedded directly into your course

Technical Details

Note: A wired connection is preferred when using Online Rooms. While the tool will work on a wireless network, when you use more advanced features, the connection may be slow and/or not work properly. 

  • Each Online Rooms session lasts only as long as you schedule it for, e.g. if you create a 60-minute session, it will automatically close at the end of the 60 minutes.
  • Default number of slides on the whiteboard is 10 blank slides, which you can annotate.
  • You can set a session to be recorded at the time of scheduling, or you can manually hit Record after you launch a session.
  • You can start, stop, and restart the recording, but all parts are combined into a single session recording.
  • Recordings are available 30-90 mins after the end of session.
  • Each recording has a url generated for it, and you can copy and embed it directly into your course.
  • To invite external participants (i.e. people not enrolled in the course), be sure to select Allow external participants when scheduling a session. A link will then be generated, which you can email to your invitees.
  • Chrome, Edge, or Firefox are required to share your screen.
  • Webcam and/or microphone is recommended.
  • Desktop or laptop is recommended.