Getting Started with H5P

An Open Environment

H5P is a completely free and open technology, licensed with the MIT license, therefore the content created within the space is available for use by Memorial’s users. There are settings that you can apply to your objects that limit the ability to edit and/or change your item without your permission.

If you wish to use and/or modify another user’s object, it is good practice to review the copyright information linked to the object and to make the owner aware of your use. With permission, you may make a copy of the object for use in your site — attribution would always be provided.

Accessing Memorial’s H5P Resources Environment

Visit as a Guest

Visit CITL’s H5P Resources Environment to browse through and view the publicly available resources from Memorial’s learning community. You can use the guest account to do this; you do not need a username and password. The guest account allows you to reuse or embed an object but it does not allow you to create a new object or reuse an existing one.

Create an Account

If you want to create and reuse resources, you will need an account with a username and password. Please request a resource area through our Support Centre. When your account is active, you can create and edit H5P objects in the “My resources” area.

Reusing versus Embedding a Resource

Embedding a resource provides a “link” back to the original object — which means that any changes to the original will be reflected everywhere the resource is embedded.

Reusing a resource allows you to create a copy that you can use as is, but it won’t be impacted by the original creator’s changes. 

Embedding is the best choice if you want to have the regular updates/revisions; however, if you want to tweak or customize the object for your course (with the original creator’s permission of course), the reusing is most suitable.