Conducting a Practice Run

Before running your newly created intelligent agent and sending automated emails to students, you can conduct a practice run. A practice run allows you to check if your agent settings are correct without sending emails to students.

  • Log in to your course in Brightspace.
  • In the navbar, click Course Admin.
Image: ‘Course Admin’ in the navbar
  • Select Intelligent Agents from the list of available tools.
Image: Intelligent Agents tool
  • On the Agent List page, locate the agent you want to practice-run and click the downward arrow next to it.
Image: Open intelligent agent menu
  • Select Practice Run from the menu.
Image: Select ‘Practice Run’
  • A window will pop up asking you to confirm that you want to conduct a practice run. Click Run.
Image: Practice run confirmation window
  • You will see a page with a confirmation that your request has been submitted.
  • When the practice run is complete, after a minute or two, you will receive an email (in Brightspace mail or another email if you have changed email settings for the agent).
  • Go back to the Agent List page and locate the agent you have just run on the list.
  • In the ‘Results of Last Run’ box, click on the users identified by the agent to see the complete list.
Image: Users identified by the intelligent agent
  • You can now conduct a proper run of the intelligent agent.

Video Instructions