Quiz Tips

Here are a few tips for completing quizzes on Brightspace (D2L):

Use a reliable internet connection:

    If you lose connection to your network, you will be disconnected from the quiz. If this happens, do not close your browser. Re-enter the quiz in a new tab and copy any answers that you entered after disconnecting.
    Note that your quiz timer will still be running, so it’s important to try and avoid this situation. Use a hardwired connection whenever possible, or locate yourself as close to your wireless source as you can. Also ask those who share your wireless network to pause any bandwidth heavy processes.

Save your progress often:

    When completing quiz, make sure to save your responses after answering each question. After clicking “Save,” you’ll notice the floppy disk icon turn blue. A question that is not saved will show a gray floppy disk icon.


Resize long answer text box:

    When entering long answer questions, you have the option to resize the window by pulling the bottom right-hand corner of the text box. This will allow you to easily review your entered text.

Incomplete quizzes:

    If you exit an active quiz without submitting it, you may find yourself blocked from receiving notifications and checking course mail when you next log into Brightspace (D2L). To solve this, you will need to re-enter the quiz and submit it.