Preparing For an Online Quiz

Get to know your Online Quiz

Each of your online quizzes will have its own unique settings and requirements. Just like preparing for a typical on-campus exam, confirming your exam details is important. Prior to the start of your exam, here are some questions to consider:

Did you check and recheck the time, date and length of your exam?

This information should be available on your course syllabus found in the content section of the course site. Once your instructor has activated your quiz, this information should also be available on the Quizzes page, accessible under the Assessments menu on your course navigation bar.

While some information is available at a glance, such as the quiz availability window, more details are available when you click on the title of the quiz, even before the quiz is scheduled to start. Here you will see the Quiz Period, which is the window you have to start your exam – this availability period will vary, but you must start your quiz during that window of time. Regardless of when you begin your quiz, you will receive the full Time Allowed. Some online quizzes will allow several Attempts; however, it is common to allow only one.

Have you read and understood the quiz instructions and format?

These are important factors to keep in mind when preparing for an online quiz. Know what resources are permitted during the quiz – for example, can you use your textbook, notes, a calculator, or blank paper?  Consider the format of your assessment and prepare accordingly – will you be facing multiple-choice, short answer, or essay questions? Check for these details in any information your instructor has provided, which may be have been shared in the course syllabus, Announcements, Discussions or by course mail.

Even if a quiz is “open book,” you likely won’t have time to look up every answer. You need to be able to recall information quickly, so study! With a strong knowledge of the material, you can then organize what you think you will need to know in study notes and in your mind so it’s more easily accessible when you’re answering quiz questions.

If your quiz includes essay questions, prepare and practice writing them on the important topics of your course. When possible, take practice quizzes with a similar format; if not provide, you can make your own from notes and textbooks available.

Prepare your Tech

Preparing the technology you’ll use to complete your online quiz is an easy way to ensure your quiz runs smoothly. Even if you’ve used the required technology before, take the time to test everything again.

Is your computer ready?

At least 24 hours prior to your exam, ensure you have downloaded, installed and updated any required software identified by your instructor, including your browser. If a specific browser has not been identified, Google Chrome is recommended for Brightspace quizzes.

Close all other programs you may have open and restart your computer, be sure to do this 30-60 minutes before your quiz start time in case your computer forces updates.

If you’re using a laptop, it is recommended to plug it in and not use the battery power when possible.

Is your internet connection reliable?

When possible, it is recommended to use a hard-wired connection (via an Ethernet cable). If you are required to use Wi-Fi, position yourself as close to the source as comfortably possible to ensure a stronger connection. If the connection is shared, ask others to limit use of bandwidth heavy activities such as streaming (Netflix, YouTube, etc.), file sharing and online gaming.

Preparing your Space

While everyone’s access to study and workspace is different, taking some time to find a quiet, secluded space where you will not be distracted or interrupted is important when completing online quizzes at home. When an adequate space is not available at home, you might look at public spaces like libraries or ask friends or family if they can help.

Have you thought about where you will complete your quiz?

Avoid spaces with visual distractions on the wall, outside the window, or nearby. Clear your workspace and set up only the essential materials you’ll need to complete your exam. Ideally, your space will be near a power outlet and Wi-Fi signal.

Living alone?

If you are living in a shared space be sure to remind your roommates or family members when your exams are, so you won’t be interrupted. A note or sign placed on your door or near your space can be an effective way of ensuring that you can devote your full attention to your exam questions.