Taking an Online Quiz with Brightspace

The Brightspace quiz tool is a feature of your course site that your instructor may choose to use. Online quizzes may be used as part of your course evaluation or as a self-assessment tool to gauge your readiness for future assessments. Some common uses of the quiz tool are a pop quiz, weekly assessment or even midterm and final exams. Quizzes can include a variety of question types, such as multiple-choice, short answer, matching, essay questions and more. Your instructor may choose to make your results available to you right away or at a later date.

Review the following guides to ensure you know how to prepare for your online quiz, take a Brightspace quiz and view quiz submissions when available.

Preparing For an Online Quiz
Taking an Online Quiz in Brightspace
View your Quiz Submission

NOTE: We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer when writing an online quiz or test.