Taking a Quiz

Some instructors choose to use D2L’s Quizzes feature as an assessment tool. If your instructor has activated the feedback feature, you can review your quiz results and see class statistics for a quiz.

To start a quiz, select Quizzes from the Assessments dropdown menu on your course homepage: 

Here you will see a list of the quizzes you are eligible to take:
Take note of the following helpful information in the above screenshot:

    i) the date indicating how long the quiz will be available. Note: if an end date is listed, you will not be able to open the quiz after this date.
    ii) the number of attempts you have.
    iii) a lock icon indicating that the quiz is password protected. Note: not all quizzes will have this feature.

Click on the title of the quiz you wish to take. You will be brought to a page that summarizes the details of this specific quiz. Take note of the following:

    i) how long you have to write the quiz (in minutes). Note: once the allotted time has passed, you will receive a pop-up window prompting you to save and and immediately submit your quiz.
    ii) any instructions listed.
    iii) if required, you or your online proctor will enter the password to begin the quiz

Before starting your quiz, review the instructions posted. When you are ready, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the Start Quiz button.

To confirm all your questions are answered and saved, refer to the question sidebar on the left hand side of the page.
Once all questions are saved click Go to Submit Quiz and then Submit Quiz.