Ideas for Instructional Use

ScreenPal videos can be used in teaching for a wide variety of purposes. Below are some possible uses.

To Present New Content

  • Record and post online lectures – open the technology of your choice (PPTs, webpages, spread sheets, images, videos etc.) on your computer screen and record it while you narrate, annotate, highlight, or draw.
  • Create ‘how-to’ videos of either on-screen or real-life procedures (e.g., solving equations, explaining navigation of a website, drawing chemical bonds, showing how to use an application or software, conducting a lab procedure).
  • Customize content to include the exact information you want.
  • Create captions for hearing-impaired students.

To Preview or Review Material

  • Create a short introductory overview of a unit, module, lesson.
  • Record recap of main points before homework and tests.

To Create Remedial Tutorials

  • If you identify a problem several students have (e.g., use of citations), create a remedial video for the whole class.
  • FAQ videos – collect questions from students and create a video with all the answers.

To Supplement Feedback

  • Provide individualized video feedback on assignments – display students’ work on the screen and annotate, highlight, correct while you discuss it.
  • After a test/exam, record an overview of correct answers.

To Assess Learning

Have students use ScreenPal to record:

  • presentations
  • speeches
  • reflections
  • answers to discussion questions (alternative to the discussion forum)
  • oral output in foreign language classes
  • digital stories