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CITL Fall Book Study – “Everyday Instructional Design: A Practical Resource for Educators and Instructional Designers”

September 21, 2023 @ 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM


CITL is pleased to have Dr. Rob Power host of the Fall 2023 Teaching and Learning Book Study group. Dr. Power teaches in the Masters of Education (Educational Technology) program, through the collaborative partnership Memorial University has with Cape Breton University, where he is an Assistant Professor of Education. He specializes in educational technology integration and instructional design for online learning. Dr. Power is an award winning educator and author of Everyday Instructional Design.

Since its release in early 2023, the book has solicited over 12 000 chapter views.  Informed by his years of experience as an instructional designer and teaching, Dr. Power is calling all educators interested in learning more about the instructional design process, how it can be leveraged by all faculty, and how to design and build engaging online teaching and learning environments, to join him in exploring his book Everyday Instructional Design: A Practical Resource for Educators and Instructional Designers.

Spoiler Alert: Everyday ID follows Dr. Power’s methodical approach to instructional design, but it was written as an easy-to-use guidebook for any educator, based on resources developed over a decade of guiding his instructional design students through practical, hands-on course development projects. It takes a straightforward approach to exploring the theories and models that inform instructional design practices, mixed with a treasure-trove of how-to guides and free, reusable resources. The eBook is fully Open Access and is available through the Pressbooks platform or as a downloadable PDF or ePUB (Kindle, Kobo, etc.) file.

By signing up for the book study you agree to attend all scheduled book study meetings (five dates across the Fall semester).

Things you need to know:

  • You will read, explore and collaboratively discuss the book Everyday Instructional Design: A Practical Resource for Educators and Instructional Designers by Rob Power.
  • Registration is limited to 16 participants.
  • The eBook is available in an Open Access, electronic format via the Pressbooks platform at (It can also be downloaded in PDF or ePUB format.)
  • The group will meet online for up to 75 minutes at the schedule noted below (all sessions scheduled for Thursdays, 12-1:15pm)

Study Schedule and Themes:

  • September 21 – An Introduction to Instructional Design and Humanizing Online Learning – Introduction, Chapters 1-3.
  • October 05 – Principles of Effective Instructional Design – Chapters 4-8
  • October 26 – Meaningful and Engaging Learning – Chapters 10-12.
  • November 9 – Working Through the ID Process – Chapters 13-16, 20, 24-25.
  • November 30 – Accessibility Essentials for ALL Educators and Students – Chapter 17 (and any of the “Develop” chapters *18-22) of interest to individual participants).

About the Book:

Everyday Instructional Design: A Practical Resource for Educators and Instructional Designers (Power, 2023) works through the ID process, exploring the rationale and pragmatics of all of the steps involved with determining what needs to be developed, creating design plans, developing resources and prototypes, collaborating with other instructional designers to get feedback on our works-in-progress, pilot testing with a student audiences, reflecting on the expert and student feedback we receive, and determining how we can tweak our prototype designs. This Open Access eBook takes a straightforward approach to exploring instructional design theories, models, and processes, and includes a wealth of how-to guides and practical, reusable resources for educators and instructional designers.

Power, R. (2023). Everyday Instructional Design: A Practical Resource for Educators and Instructional Designers. Power Learning Solutions. ISBN: 978-1-9993825-8-2.

More About the Author:

You can learn more about Dr. Rob Power at

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September 21, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM


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