Use Cases in the Classroom

Wireless Lecturing

The Solstice allows you to share your whole screen or specific content wirelessly from your device. This frees you from having to worry about cable adapters or being tethered to the presentation desk during your lecture. With a tablet for example, you could navigate your presentation materials as you walk around the classroom and engage with your students.

Multi-device Presentations

The Solstice can help with in-class student or group presentations. Typically, each presenter or group representative would have to connect their device, present to the class, and then disconnect to allow the next student or group to present. With Solstice, all students can connect wirelessly and share their content when ready, with little to no delay between presentations. You can also showcase their work simultaneously on-screen if needed.


Solstice has the ability for each connected user to annotate or use a pointer on the content from multiple devices shared on the Solstice. This is a great feature for collaboration. Multiple posts can be shared simultaneously for further group review and revision.