ProctorU FAQ

The following are some frequently asked questions from students about online proctoring at Memorial University using ProctorU.

What do I do if I have concerns with using ProctorU?

If you have accessibility concerns about using ProctorU to invigilate your exam, contact the Blundon Centre to request an appropriate accommodation.

If you have privacy or security concerns about using ProctorU to invigilate your exam, contact your instructor to discuss whether you can use an alternate method to take your exam.

What happens if the proctor leaves their microphone on, or does something to distract me during an exam?

The proctor’s protocol requires them to mute their microphone unless speaking to a student. If a proctor does not do this, you can use the chat function or your microphone to speak to the proctor and let them know. If the proctor is unable to address the issue, you can contact the CITL Support Centre.

Why does ProctorU need to see my study space?

Before an exam, the proctor will ask you to take your webcam and show the four walls of the room, as well as your desk space. They will also ask you to show the computer monitor. If your camera is part of the computer or device, you can use a mirror to show the computer monitor. Just like an instructor or invigilator in a physical classroom, an online proctor needs to ensure your study space is clear of notes or other study aides.

Do I have to provide ProctorU with my credit card information?

The cost to use ProctorU is covered by CITL. While you don’t pay to use it, you are required to register for your exam and are strongly encouraged to do so at least 72 hours prior to the exam start time. If you register after that time, you have to pay an $8 late registration fee using a credit card. If you register on time, you will not need to pay any fees or provide any credit card information.

Can technical issues cause me to lose time during an exam?

If you lose time during an exam for any reason and you are concerned about it impacting your exam performance, contact your instructor. The instructor can be provided with access to the exam recording to validate and address the issue.

What if I have technical issues before, or while writing my exam?

Sometimes students may experience internet, password of other technical issues. In an effort to prevent this, you are encouraged to test your system before your exam to ensure your system is ready. The exam won’t start in Brightspace until the password has been entered.

At times, a proctor may have password issues with an exam. CITL has put safeguards in place to ensure passwords are set and proctors are notified. If you require technical support in using ProctorU, you can contact the CITL Support Centre.

Can ProctorU access files or adjust settings on my computer?

When the online proctor requests to take remote control of your mouse and keyboard, you will be able to see everything the proctor is doing before, during and after your exam. The proctor will also ask your permission to close tabs or applications, if needed. It is impossible for the proctor to access any files without your knowledge, and you can revoke the proctor’s access at any time.

The proctor can only take remote control of your mouse and keyboard once you download the LogMeIn Rescue applet. This applet is downloaded each time you complete an exam – once you finish the exam and close the applet, the proctor no longer has access to your computer.

Why does ProctorU take control of my computer during an exam?

During an exam, the online proctor will ask you to take remote control of your mouse and keyboard to ensure you are not using programs that you shouldn’t be using. This measure helps to ensure the academic integrity of the exam. If the settings on your computer need to be adjusted to work with ProctorU, you should request that the proctor restore your settings before your exam session ends.

How long has Memorial used ProctorU?

In 2012, Memorial began exploring online proctoring services in order to provide students with easy access to exam supervision. After a four-year pilot, ProctorU was chosen as Memorial’s online proctoring service provider.

Has Memorial conducted privacy and security checks on ProctorU’s practices?

ProctorU has been successfully used for online courses since 2015. As part of the process to adopt the service, Memorial’s Information Access and Privacy (IAP) Office approved ProctorU’s privacy practices and protocols; ProctorU also completed a “cloud assessment” which confirmed that the environment met Memorial’s security requirements.

As a result of ProctorU’s data breach in June 2020, Memorial’s IAP Office again reviewed the company’s privacy practices and protocols, and there were no significant concerns.

Why is Memorial using ProctorU to invigilate students during exams in the fall 2020 semester?

For the fall 2020 semester, Memorial recommended to instructors to plan non-invigilated assessments wherever possible. This recommendation was approved by the university’s Senate, and if an instructor requires an exam to be invigilated it must be approved by a Dean.

ProctorU is the only approved and supported service for proctoring in online courses at Memorial. This means that if you have an invigilated exam in an online course, it will be invigilated by ProctorU. However, if you have an invigilated exam in a remote course (or a course typically taught face-to-face), it is up to the instructor what tool or service they use.