Choosing to use ProctorU

Not all exam formats or subject areas are compatible with online proctoring, so some courses may offer online proctoring, while others might not. At the start of the semester, your instructor should communicate the evaluation structure for the course, and whether or not the course includes invigilated exams that offer online proctoring. This information can be located in your course syllabus.

You are eligible for online proctoring if:

  • Your course offers the option of online proctoring, and
  • You reside more than 80km away from St. John’s or Grenfell campus (as indicated by your Online Learning address in Memorial Self Service)

Students who reside within those campus regions are not eligible for online proctoring, and will write their invigilated exams on paper with an in-person supervisor at the applicable campus.

For eligible students, using online proctoring with ProctorU is optional. If you would like to use online proctoring for your courses that permit it, you must complete an Examination Supervisor Form (available on the CITL Forms page) and agree to use online proctoring. This form must be submitted at least three weeks before your exam date. If you choose to not use online proctoring, you will write your invigilated exams on paper with an in-person supervisor in your region. Depending on your location, you may need to propose an exam supervisor to CITL for approval; monitor your Memorial email for communications from CITL about this process.

Once you submit the Examination Supervisor Form to use online proctoring for a given semester, you will gain access to a site in Brightspace that provides information about online proctoring for that semester. The title of the site will be of the format Online Proctoring – [Semester Name]; for example, Online Proctoring – Fall 2023. Please review the contents of this site to familiarize yourself with the information provided.

You should also monitor your Brightspace email throughout the semester for communications from CITL regarding your online proctored exams. These communications will provide information regarding:

  • Creating your ProctorU account
  • Downloading the Guardian browser
  • Testing your computer for the system requirements
  • Scheduling an exam time with ProctorU
  • Exam details (availability window, permitted aids, ID requirements, etc.)