What to expect

Communications from CITL

If your instructor is using ProctorU to supervise your term or final exam, you can expect to receive the following information from CITL in your Brightspace email:

Semester start: At the beginning of the semester, we will send you the following; it is critical that you read this email thoroughly:

  • Links to the ProctorU website, with instructions to creating your account with ProctorU.
  • Your system requirements, as well as a link to test your system.
  • Equipment and materials required
  • Information on the ProctorU chat feature.
  • CITL contact information (CITL is your point of contact for online exams invigilated using ProctorU).

Follow up: The second email will be sent a few weeks into the semester to ensure you did not miss the first email.

Exam information: The third email will be sent when your exam has been entered into the proctor system. That email will:

  • Advise you that your exam is available for scheduling.
  • Tell you when scheduling is available to start.
  • Recommend you schedule your exam as soon as possible to get preferred times that fit your schedule and time zone.
  • Provide you with the duration of the exam within a 24 hour window (E.g. 2 hour exam in a 24 hour window).
  • List any exam aids permitted during the exam (E.g. scientific calculator, 1 sheet blank scrap paper, ruler, pen or pencil, etc.).
  • Inform you that all appointments are paid by Memorial University of Newfoundland (however, if you book your exam within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment to write, you will be charged an $8.00 US late scheduling fee that you will be required to pay by credit card).
  • Reminder to present your MUN ID and another piece of government issued photo ID, or two government issued photo IDs (if you do not have the proper valid identification, you will not be permitted to start your exam).
  • Provide the link to CITL’s Support Centre as your point of contact for questions or issues when writing your exam.

Equipment and materials required

The following is a list of equipment and materials you will need to successfully write your exam:

  • MUN ID and a government issued photo ID, or two government issued photo IDs (more information)
  • stable internet connection (wired internet connection is best)
    • wireless technologies like wifi or cellular may cause you to be disconnected from your exam proctor
  • computer (Chromebooks cannot be used with the ProctorU system)
  • quiet location (more information)
  • clear space, such as a table or desk (it is preferable that students not write on a couch or bed) (more information)
  • webcam and microphone (more information)
  • a mirror or other reflective device (if your webcam is in your device you will need this to show the outer perimeter of your computer screen) (more information)

Setting up to use ProctorU

To ensure you are ready to write your exam when scheduled, it is recommended that you get everything set up as soon as you are notified you can schedule your exam. You will need to:

  1. Create your account with ProctorU by visiting ProctorU’s Create an Account Page.
  2. Download and install Chrome or Firefox (they are the two browsers approved to use with ProctorU).
  3. Download the ProctorU extension for Chrome or Firefox. (more information)
  4. Schedule your exam.
  5. Check to ensure you have all the equipment necessary and that it is compatible with ProctorU.
  6. Find an acceptable space to take your exam.
  7. Become familiar with materials allowed/needed for your exam.
  8. If you require special accommodations, ensure that you have contacted the Blundon Centre to have your accommodations approved and communicated to CITL.
  9. Before logging in to Brightspace to take the exam:
    • have government issued ID and MUN ID ready;
    • close all third-party programs and unplug any secondary monitors; and
    • remove any non-religious head coverings.

Writing your exam

As you get ready to use the ProctorU system and write your exam, here is what you will have to do:

  1. Login to your ProctorU account 2-3 minutes before your scheduled time.
  2. Download the ProctorU extension for Firefox or Chrome (if you have not already done so).
  3. Accept the Exam Guidelines and the Terms of Service.
  4. Share your screen – this is required to be proctored online.
  5. Complete system checks to ensure your system meets the minimum requirements.
  6. Take a photo of yourself and show your IDs to verify your identity.
  7. Download and run a “LogMeIn Rescue” applet file – this is a chat tool that allows you to text with your proctor. If prompted, be sure to click “open” or “allow” to give the file permission to run. When the chat box says “waiting,” it means that you are in the queue waiting for your proctor.

Once you have completed these steps your proctor will:

  1. Greet you and confirm you passed your identity verification steps.
  2. Review the exam rules with you and ask to see any permitted resources that your instructor has allowed you to use during your exam.
  3. Ask to take remote control of your mouse and keyboard via the LogMeIn Rescue applet in order to make sure no prohibited programs are running. You will be able to see everything that your proctor is doing during this step, and it is impossible for them to access any files without your knowledge. You may also revoke the proctors access at any time.
  4. Ask you to show the four walls of your room, as well as your desk space, via your webcam. (more information)
  5. Ask you to show your computer monitor. If your camera is part of your computer or device, you will be asked to have a mirror to show your computer monitor.
  6. Ask to see where you have placed your phone if it is in the exam room.
  7. Direct you into Brightspace. CITL provides the password for your exam to ProctorU. The proctor will enter the password and unlock your exam. Students are not provided with the exam password.
  8. Release control of your computer and you’ll begin your exam when you’re ready.

Your webcam view, your screen and chat will be recorded through the duration of your exam. (more information)

After your exam

  1. Prior to submitting your exam, let your proctor know through the chat box that you’re finished. They will oversee the submission process.
  2. You may also be required to clear a white board or tear up any scratch paper that was used during the exam.
  3. If settings on your computer need to be adjusted to work with ProctorU, you may request that the proctor restore your settings before your session ends.
  4. If your exam results are made available immediately, you may review them for as long as you’d like.
  5. After reviewing your results, your proctor must observe you log out of the exam website and close out of all browser tabs.

This will end your session with ProctorU. Once the chat box closes, you’ll be invited to complete a customer satisfaction survey.