Students who use ProctorU are subject to ProctorU’s privacy policy and terms of service. For answers to frequently asked questions, visit ProctorU’s FAQ.

The privacy policy and terms of service have been reviewed by Memorial University’s Information Access and Privacy (IAP) Office. The IAP Office has also reviewed the contract between ProctorU and Memorial University.

In its contract with Memorial University, ProctorU agrees:

  • to store all recordings on secure servers
  • that this information will not be shared with any external entity or sold
  • that all collected written information about users are stored on secure servers protected by passwords
  • to be bound by the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Memorial’s Privacy Schedule
  • that data will be retained for one year minimum, and can be destroyed after that time elapses
  • that all ProctorU employees:
    • undergo background checks
    • sign confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements that protect CITL and student data
    • undergo training before they are allowed to proctor students to help ensure your data is not leaked to third parties

Additionally, ProctorU is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and Student Testing Rights. These further enhance ProctorU’s operations and protect your rights as a student.


Recordings of your exam are kept by ProctorU for later review. If a proctor detects an unusual event during the course of your exam, CITL will be notified. CITL staff and/or instructors will review the recording of your exam if required, to determine if there is an issue with academic dishonesty. The ultimate decision regarding an possible infraction resides with the instructor, just as it would be in a face-to-face invigilation situation.