Undergraduate Course Delivery Modes

Undergraduate courses at Memorial University can be offered in either of the following delivery modes: in-person, independent study, flexible, blended, remote, and online.

This resource provides a description of each mode with the intention of illustrating some of the subtle differences in relation to:

  • design philosophy;
  • development framework;
  • student preparedness (technology);
  • learning management system (LMS) use;
  • instructor presence, and
  • interactions with classmates.

Additional resources about the mode are also provided.

Each description is presented as an expandable toggle item, so you can select each one to see more information.

Note: These descriptions reflect the Undergraduate Modes of Delivery outlined on the Office of the Registrar’s website: https://www.mun.ca/regoff/ registration-and-final-exams/course-offerings/undergraduate-modes-of-delivery/

In Person

Independent Study





created by P. Phillips, J. Costello and R. Hickey; updated August 2023