Best Practices

Online Rooms is designed to work with many different computers, cameras, and Internet browsers, but there are basic requirements that ensure you have a good experience. You can use a Mac or PC and desktop or laptop. iPads and some mobile tablets do not have the operating system features to conduct all activity types in YouSeeU.

Best Practices

Here are some of the best practices we recommend you consider to ensure you have a positive experience using online rooms.


The supported browsers are ChromeMicrosoft Edge (Chromium) and Firefox. When using Online rooms, you must be using one of those 3 browsers for full functionality. Your Internet browser must be up-to-date (installed or updated within the last month).

Note: Desktop share within Virtual Classroom meetings is only fully supported within Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Chromium). In Firefox, you can share a single application window.

Accessing from secure network

If you are having trouble accessing online rooms from a public or work network you may need to ask the network admin to open the following port:

Connection Speed

For best performance a hardwired connection is recommended. If that is not possible, wireless connections should work fine if you have a connection speed (upload/download) of at least 300Kb/s, however if your instructor is using webcam or desktop screenshare a speed closer to 2Mbps is recommended. Unfortunately, wireless connections can momentarily drop the data connection, this will cause problems if you are uploading a video file or participating in an oral exam. If you find that your wireless connection is unstable, then use a wired connection or a stable wireless connection during upload or record.

Although you may receive a speed test that meets the requirements, you may still experience issues or receive error messages due to other factors. To ensure you are getting the most out of your connection, check out the tips below:

  • Try to keep your device close to your router. As you move further away from the router, you increase your chance of experiencing issues.
  • Close out of all other tabs, windows and applications before the meeting, and be sure your device and browser have the most recent update installed.
  • Avoid using a public connection where there are many active users, such as coffee shops.
  • If you are experiencing network issues or poor performance, you can disable webcams being displayed to you in Virtual Classroom Settings.
  • During your session, you may see notifications to alert you of adverse network conditions and provide prompts to resolve the issue