Best Practices

Online Rooms is designed to work with many different computers, cameras, and Internet browsers, but there are basic requirements that ensure you have a good experience. You can use a Mac or PC and desktop or laptop. iPads and some mobile tablets do not have the operating system features to conduct all activity types in YouSeeU.

Best Practices

Here are some of the best practices we recommend you consider to ensure you have a positive experience using online rooms.


Although YouSeeU is designed to work with a variety of browsers; Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers for Online Rooms sessions.
Regardless of which you decide to use, your Internet browser should be up-to-date. If you have installed or updated the browser recently you should be ok, but if not we suggest you do so before your session. If you run into issues using YouSeeU, start by installing a new browser as your current browser may have too many add-ons or restrictions.

Accessing from secure network

If you are having trouble accessing online rooms from a public or work network you may need to ask the network admin to open the following port:

Connection Speed

For best performance a hardwired connection is recommended. If that is not possible, wireless connections should work fine if you have a connection speed (upload/download) of at least 300Kb/s. Unfortunately, wireless connections can momentarily drop the data connection, this will cause problems if you are uploading a video file or participating in an oral exam. If you find that your wireless connection is unstable, then use a wired connection or a stable wireless connection during upload or record.