Uploading Quizzes to Brightspace (D2L)

Uploading Quizzes to D2L using Respondus

With little effort, Respondus provides the opportunity to import the quizzes and assessments that you have already created in Word into the Brightspace (D2L) Quiz tool.

For more extensive information on the Respondus, the guide is available here: Respondus Guide.

Once quiz is formatted properly within Word, saved as .DOCX file, go into Respondus:

  1. Click Import Questions
  • choose Type of file: (.docx, or .doc if you saved it in an older version of Word)
  • File name: (click Browse to find file)
  • Create a new document, named: (enter file name)
  • Preview (check if there are any significant problems in Preview results window)
  • Finish

Import Questions box

  1. Click Settings tab (on top)
  • Select Layout tab (on side)
  • Choose type of Answer Numbering: (usually a,b,c,d…)
  1. Click Preview & Publish tab (top)
  • Select Preview (side)
  • Click Preview the File – go through questions to make sure they look ok, then Close
  • If any changes are required, click Modify button

Preview box

  1. Preview & Publish tab (top)
  • Select Publish (side)
  • Click Publish Wizard
  • Choose Type: Export QTU XML…
  • Click Next

Publish box

  1. Select Save As
  • File name (choose if not already there)
  • (.zip file is default type)
  • Click Save
  • Click Finish

Save box

  1. In your Brightspace course site, select Course Admin on the menu bar.
  • Import/Export/Copy components
  • Import components
  • Choose File (locate and select the .zip file you previously saved)
  • Open
  • Start
  • Select all components
  • Continue (x2)
  • Finish
  • Done