What is Online Rooms?

Online Rooms (YouSeeU Class Meetings)

What is Online Rooms?

YouSeeU Class Meetings are now Brightspace’s (D2L’s) new synchronous Online Rooms tool. Online Rooms offers many ways to communicate and collaborate with your class and/or outside guests in real-time.

Since Online Rooms is integrated into Brightspace (D2L), all instructors will have access to it providing you have activated your course site.  You will be able to create and manage your own Online Rooms.

You can also choose to save your sessions and post them within your course(s) as a resource.
How Do I Access Online Rooms?

Simply go to the Communication tab in your course navigation bar, and choose Online Rooms from the dropdown menu. This will take you to the Class Meetings setup page.
Ways to Use Online Rooms

  • Online Office Hours
  • Guest Speakers
  • Class presentations
  • Webinars
  • Language labs
  • Simulations
  • Group projects

Available Tools

  • Peer review groups
  • Class resources
  • Rubrics
  • Assets Library

Peer Review Groups

Peer Review Groups are used during assignment activities for peer review and interaction. These groups are consistent throughout the term or course, allowing a group of students to stay together and deepen interaction. Students must be assigned to one group, if you do not want to use groups, then you’ll have just one default group.

For information on how to create a Peer Review Group, click here.
Class Resources

Class resources are high level learning assets that are available to students in Online Rooms.  Class resources typically consist of a syllabus, a welcome video, assignment overview documents, and any other course specific resources that you choose to upload.  There are three types of resources: documents (PDF, .doc, or .txt files), videos, and links to other websites.

For more information on managing the Class Resources, click here.

You can create your own custom rubric right in the Rubrics tool, or you can also import an existing rubric you’ve created as a .csv file.

For more information on the rubrics tool, click here.
Assets Library

The Assets Library is used to store resources (including recorded Online Rooms sessions) for the instructor. It differs from the Class Resources tool in that assets in the Library are not yet available to students. Links, files, audio and video may be stored here.