Web Capture Tips


In this section we take you through the steps of the recording process. You will launch the Web Capture, load in your presentation slides and record your presentation.


  1. Select Capture from the Communication menu in your course site. This will take you to the Capture portal.
  2. Once in the portal you should be in Manage Live Events, and you’ll see the event you already created in the list. If you haven’t yet created an event, please see our tip sheet on how to Create a Live Event.
  3. Select the Web Capture webcam icon to launch the capture tool.
  4. Select the Continue button to launch the web capture software to make a presentation.
  5. Select Allow in the Adobe Flash Player Settings warning box to give the software access to your camera and microphone.
  6. Now, you’ll see yourself on your screen, and be prompted to Add Media. Select the Add Media button.
  7. Browse to your file and select Open as you normally do with most upload functions. Note: You can upload presentation slides (ppt, pptx, etc) and PDF documents. In order to upload word documents, please first convert them to PDF. At this point, your slides are loaded, and you see yourself on the camera.
  8. When you are ready to record, select the Startbutton.


Start, Pause, Stop & Finish

Once you select Start, the Pause, Stop and Finish buttons will appear.

  • Pause will pause the recording (or the stream if you are live streaming).
  • Stop ends the recording and encodes it. Be careful not to press Start after you have stopped, unless you want to over record the one that was just made (you do get warned).
  • If you are happy with the recording select Finish to save the recording and return to Manage Live Events.

Publish the Event

The next step is to publish your recording to the server, so that you can eventually insert the recording into your course and make it available to your students. Publish your recordings to the Web Capture folder. This is the general folder for all Web Capture recordings.

Note: Once you publish your recording, the link to it will appear under Manage Presentations and no longer under Manage Live Events. Once published, you can insert the recording into your course or do post-production edits with the Producer tool (please see the Post-production edits tip sheet soon). If you do not see your recorded presentation listed, you may need change the search filter above the list to search in All Folders.

You can Publish the recording from two places:

  1. Manage Live Events. From here, you will see that a Publish filmstrip icon next to the name of your recording. Select the Publish icon.
  2.  Edit Live Events. From Edit Live Events you will see that a Publish link instead of an icon. Select the Publish link to publish.

You will be prompted to Publish your recording to a folder. Please be sure to publish to the Web Capture folder. The Web Capture folder should be the default location for publishing. You will get a success message and the option to either Edit Details or Watch.

At this point you have a recorded presentation and you can select Edit Details to edit details like title, description and access or you can select Watch to review your work.

If you are happy with your recorded presentation, insert the presentation into your course.