Online Rooms Quick Guides

Quick Guides

Note: When scheduling Online Rooms, please provide as much advanced notice as possible. Preferably at least 24 hours.

The following guides will show you how to quickly do some of the more common tasks in an Online Rooms session. You may also wish to visit the Bongo support page for more information.

Uploading a Presentation

  • Click the Actions button to add a presentation (PDF, Word, or PowerPoint)
  • Select Upload a presentation

  • Select Click Here (or drop file) for uploading

  • Choose your presentation file from your computer
  • Click Upload

Once uploaded, select Show under the Actions tab to be taken back to the main room page.

To switch back and forth between your uploaded presentations and the whiteboard, just click the Show button.

Using the Whiteboard

The Online Rooms whiteboard comes pre-loaded with 10 bank slides by default. You can navigate through the slides by using the arrows directly below the whiteboard.

Drawing on the Whiteboard

If you would like to ‘draw’ on the whiteboard (either with blank slides or your own slides), click the Enable Drawing button at the bottom of the screen. This will open up a selection of annotation tools.

A descriptor of each tool corresponds to the numbers in the image below

1. Adjust size of whiteboard
2. Free draw with pen
3. Create a square
4. Create a circle
5. Create a Triangle
6. Draw a line
7. Add text
8. Clear white board
9. Undo a draw or create (does not undo clear)
10. Adjust size (whiteboard, lines, ink)

Upload a File to Public Chat Area

To upload a file such as a Word document or a PDF to distribute to the whole session, click on Public Chat in the Participants bar on the left of your Online Rooms screen. There, you’ll see the Upload File link.

To access the Participants bar, you just need to click the “people” icon (next to the webcam icon).

If you just wanted to share a link, you can paste it in the Public Chat area.

Create a Poll

  • To start a poll question, click the Actions button at the bottom of the screen and select Initiate a poll.
  • From the polling menu, choose the poll type you wish to use.
  • You may either ask the poll question in the session, or have the question already placed on a slide beforehand.
  • Wait for participants to answer.
  • Publish the poll

Monitor Participants Status

Participants can ‘raise their hands’ or share status related to their understanding of the presentation by clicking the Status button below the presentation space.

As an instructor, you will see the status displayed in the Participants pullout, in the circle to the left of the user’s name. As the Instructor and moderator of the Online Rooms session, clicking on a participant’s name opens a popout menu. Here you are able to open a private chat, clear the participant’s status, make the participant the presenter, and kick the participant out of the session.

Share Desktop

NOTE: If you plan on using the “Share Desktop” feature of Online Rooms, you must use Chrome browser. Click here to install the latest version of Chrome.

One of the many features of Online Rooms is the ability to share your screen with participants. This feature is currently only available in the Chrome browser as it requires Java.

  1. In the Online Room, ensure you have the Presenter role. If you are not the meeting moderator you will need to ask them to give you the Presenter role.
  2. Once you are the presenter you will see a button in the bottom of the screen with an image of a screen on it. This is the screen share button.
  3. Click the screen share button.
  4. For more details on Screen Share with Chrome, go to

Create Breakout Rooms

During the duration of your session, there may be instances where you’d like to have students go off into designated groups to discuss a topic or prepare a presentation, as a group. After the allotted time, they will return to the main room to share. Note: This feature is only available for instructor-scheduled meetings.

Setting up Breakout Rooms

  • Click the Actions button and select Create breakout rooms

Note that the numbers in the diagram below correspond to the numbered item descriptions

  1. Enter the number of Breakout Rooms required
  2. Set the time limit.
  3. Drag and drop the names from the “Not Assigned” box to assign participants to the various rooms.
  4. Click the Create button when the Breakout Rooms are ready to be launched.

Monitoring and Joining Breakout Rooms

After Breakout Rooms have launched, participants receive an invitation to join their assigned Breakout Room and are disconnected from the audio in the main session.

An Instructor can monitor Breakout Rooms from the main session by clicking on the Actions button and selecting Show breakout rooms.

All Breakout Rooms can be closed at any time by selecting Close all breakout rooms.

In the event that a participant arrives in the Virtual Classroom session after Breakout Rooms have been created, click the Invite to breakout rooms button to add the participant to a room.

Instructors can monitor duration and join a Breakout Room after selecting Show breakout rooms and clicking the Enter room button next to the number of the room.