Classlist FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Classlist Tool?

The Classlist is a central area for managing information about your class, groups, and individual students. You can send email to the whole class or selected members and also look at enrollment statistics.

Is Classlist linked to Banner?

Yes. The Classlist is linked directly to Banner, Memorial University’s registration system. All students who register for a course are automatically loaded into the Classlist for the course. Brightspace (D2L) synchronizes with Banner several times a day to ensure that your Classlist is always up to date.

Can I see enrollments and withdrawals?

Through the Reports feature of the Classlist, you can view a summary of course enrollments and withdrawals. You can see how many students are enrolled in your course and how many have withdrawn from the course.

Who has access to my course?

The Classlist lists all the people that have access to your course. This includes students and instructors, and may also include teaching assistants. The Classlist can be one list or can be divided into tabs according to role. These tabs include: All, Student, Instructor, and Teaching Assistant.

Can I see Group Enrollment?

If you are using groups in your course, you can view your group enrollment from the Classlist.

Can I email from the Classlist?

You can email the entire class, groups, individuals, teaching assistants and co-instructors directly from the Classlist by clicking on their name, a tab, or a check box next to their name.

Can I check student progress?

You can check student progress and activity in multiple ways:

Student progress can be accessed from the Classlist tool by clicking on context menu next to the student’s name. View Progress is a feature that gives you a quick overview of student’s progress on assignments, quizzes and other content. You can see when a student is logged into Brightspace (D2L) as a green dot appears next to their name when they are logged in. You can also see the last time students accessed your course