Preparing your Gradebook for Grades2Banner Transfer

Preparing your Gradebook

Your Gradebook must be setup in a particular way if you want to send grades to Banner.  The Gradebook has a setup wizard to help with this configuration.  Your Gradebook is called Grades and located under the Assessment menu on the course Navbar in Brightspace. The following are the settings you need to configure.

From your Gradebook, select Setup Wizard

Step 1

Choose your Grading system.  The default is Weighted however choose the one that fits best.

Step 2

You must choose Adjusted Final Grade. This is the grade column that you will be using to enter final grades and transferring to Banner.

Step 3

Make sure to select Automatically keep final grade updated.

Step 4 – 7

These steps have no impact on your ability to transfer your Grades to Banner.  Please configure these steps as you like.

Once you have setup your Gradebook and have entered your grades, you will be prepared to transfer your grades using the Grades2Banner tool.