Preparing your Gradebook for Grades2Banner Transfer

Preparing your Gradebook

If you are using the Grade book in Brightspace (D2L) to record the course grades there a few things to confirm before entering grades into the Adjusted Final Grades column and using the Grades2Banner tool.

  • Confirm the Setup Wizard is set to:
    • Display the Adjusted Final Grade (Final Grade To Display).
    • Automatically keep final grades updated (Grade Calculations).
  • Confirm that there are no unresolved Notes on the Manage Grades.
    • All Notes must be resolved before using the Grades2Banner widget.
    • For issues regarding Notes contact Technical Support.
  • Confirm all Items have been graded on the Enter Grades .
  • Enter or Transfer and Confirm grades in the Adjusted Final Grade.

Once this is accomplished the grades are ready to be transferred using the Grades2Banner tool.