Manually Entering Grades

Entering Grades Manually

To manually enter the course grades in Brightspace (D2L), you need to:

  • Confirm that the Adjusted Final Grade is selected
  • Enter grades in the Adjusted Final Grade column
  • Follow the Instructions for the Grades2Banner link on your course home page.

Note: If you want to enter a special grading code for a student (PAS/FAL/ABS/INC), please visit our resource on how to configure this.

Confirm Adjusted Final Grade is Selected

  1. Access the Grades section of your course by clicking on the Assessment drop down menu from the Menu Bar and then select Grades.Entering manually
  2. Select the Setup Wizard tab to display the current setting of your gradebook
    manage grades
  3. Verify that the Final Grade to Display area shows “Display the Adjusted Final Grade

Enter Grades in the Adjusted Final Grade Column

  1. Access the Enter Grades area in the grade book.
  2. Select the Switch to Spreadsheet View button, found under the Settings link on the right.
  3. Enter your grades in the Adjusted Final Grade column. You will need to enter the grade out of a total score, if you are entering in percentages then you would enter the grade out of 100.
  4. Select Save -> if you leave this page without saving you will lose all entered data.

Once the grade book is populated the next step is to use the Grades2Banner link found on the course homepage.