Inserting your Recording

How to Insert your Web Capture

You will use the HTML Editor to insert your recorded content into your course site.  You can insert a recording in a course topic page, in the description area of a module or topic or even in a discussion forum or topic – anywhere you can select Edit HTML you can insert a recording.For example, you can insert a recording in a discussion forum or in the table of contents in a module or topic description area. 

  • Start in the place where you want to insert the recording. We start in a content topic page.
  • Select Edit HTML from the dropdown menu next to the topic title. Once the HTML editor is open, place your cursor where you want to insert the recording. Without moving your cursor select the Insert Stuff button (the first option in the HTML Editor’s tool bar) to start the insertion process.
  • Select Capture from the list of items that are possible to insert.
  • Select the Search button to do an empty search. You’ll see all the recordings you have access to by doing an empty search. Select a recording from the list and then select the Next button.
  • You’ll be given the option to change the size of the player. For the best user experience, keep the Auto Start checkbox unselected.
  • Select the Insert button.
  • Select the Update button to save.



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