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University of Calgary’s “Project Engage” visits Memorial

by: MUN

The Gazette

Student and educator engagement in teaching and learning is a key factor that helps define the quality of the university experience for students. From Oct. 1-2, Memorial will be host to two visiting professors from the University of Calgary who will share their experiences with a program focused on enhancing student and educator engagement.

Drs. Leslie Reid and Melissa Boyce will be coming to Memorial to describe their experiences and offer insights on Project Engage.

Project Engage was a two-year pilot program at the University of Calgary that provided selected faculty with the support and resources they need to improve the learning experiences of students in their arts and sciences courses.

The initiative was led by Dr. Reid, a Tamaratt Teaching Professor in the Department of Geoscience, who has extensive experience teaching in small and large class settings. During her 10-year career Dr. Reid has been recognized for her teaching through numerous awards with the most recent being the 2011 3M Teaching Fellowship. She is currently the associate dean of teaching and learning in the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Science.

Dr. Boyce is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology where she teaches a variety of courses including Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics, Social Psychology, Psychology and the Law and Consumer Psychology. She is a two-time recipient of the Student Union Teaching Excellence Award for the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Arts. Dr. Boyce is one of the faculty members that participated in Project Engage and will share her experiences and insights into engaging students in large classes.

Drs. Reid and Boyce will be participating in four professional development sessions sponsored by Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS). The first session is open to the university community, and takes place on Monday, Oct. 1, from 9-10:30 a.m. in the G.A. Hickman (Education) building, ED-5004.

For further information about the presentation, please contact Albert Johnson (DELTS) at 864-7696 or

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