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University of Calgary plans for Institute for Teaching and Learning

by: MUN

In a news release from the University of Calgary, president Elizabeth Cannon boasts that over the next 12 months, the university will hire 50 new assistant professors, 60 new post-doctoral scholars and create a new Institute for Teaching and Learning.

This is part of a vision to combine teaching and research that will change our world, according to the release.

The university aims for top five status by 2016, which was released in its new strategic direction on September 26.

Dr. Cannon says the criteria she wants the institution to live up to go beyond attracting funding by looking at what the outcomes of its research are. Developed through Project Next, the strategic direction, titled Eyes High, outlines 3 foundational commitments: sharpen focus on research and scholarship; enrich the quality and breadth of learning; and fully integrate the university with the community. The document also articulates 8 core values shared by the institutional community: curiosity; support; collaboration; communication; sustainability; globalization; balance; and excellence.

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