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Girl of the globe

by: MUN

From working at Memorial’s Writing Centre, to the Computing Support Desk, Digital Media Centre, Digital Language Centre, to Tim Horton’s at the Aquarena – Marion Lougheed has done it all. She now manages musician Jason Hayward (aka, Spinoza Gamit) and writes for music websites and World Record Label, as well as Europe Boss – a travel website.

She grew up in Belgium, Benin, Canada and Germany – by the time she was eighteen years old, she had been to 11 countries. During her degree she spent a summer in Belgium with excursions to Germany and England, Christmases in Labrador, Nicaragua, and South Korea, a semester in Vancouver, and frequent trips to Texas.

All of these experiences may have also fueled a political fire. Ms. Lougheed has been heavily involved in the Occupy movement, one of the longest-standing camps in the world.

While the camp was recently disbanded from its’ location in Harbourside Park, Ms. Lougheed wants to stress that it does not mean the end of Occupy.

“Mainstream media is mistakenly portraying this as the end of Occupy, and it has also been suggesting that since this was the last camp, Occupy has disappeared elsewhere. Occupy continues to grow as more people take the time to understand what it’s all about, which is to establish a more just, inclusive, and sustainable democracy.”

As far as her Memorial career is concerned, she is very especially thankful to Ms. Ginny Ryan, director of the Writing Centre, both as a boss and friend.

“She has helped me become a better writer and thinker, but also given me a place to call my own in this busy network of buildings and tunnels at MUN. She helped me through rough times, gave me a second chance when I needed it the most, and stood back when she knew I needed to learn my own lessons.”

World traveler. Writer. Manager. Political activist.

A recipe for a future femme fatale and potential political powerhouse.

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