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Application Guidelines

The guidelines in the document below are intended to help you organize your application to the Teaching and Learning Framework St. John’s Campus Funding Competition. You can use the guidelines to structure a working copy of your application.

Download the guidelines here:

TLF Funding Competition 2016-17 – Application Guidelines


Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • the potential to impact a significant number of students and/or educators;
  • the potential for transferability and broad application beyond a single course or discipline;
  • innovative use of modern information and communications technology;
  • multi-disciplinary, cross portfolio and/or  cross campus collaboration;
  • rigor of the proposal, including evaluation strategies;
  • the potential to address the recommendations of the TLF, the TLF Strategic Plan
    (2014-2017) and/or other university documents relevant to the teaching and learning environment on the St. John’s campus.
  • Proposals for classroom or other learning space renovation that would normally be submitted to the annual Classroom Teaching and Infrastructure Fund ( CTIF) will not be considered unless a case can be made for exceptional circumstances